On Pottermore when you add people as your friends you can add a nickname, so wouldn't it be brilliant if we could do that on the MB? That way, I wouldn't be looking at people's agent names and wondering where I've seen them before...

I just realized school starts in a month O_O I STILL NEED A GRAPHING CALCULATOR. I've got to finish my summer reading homework, too -_- IT'S SO FAR AWAY. Not to mention I need a quote for the fictional book, which I don't actually own (Who Could That Be At This Hour? I read it like right after school ended...) so I'll have to look up quotes on goodread... I already know I'm gonna use the one about fear and saving it for later. I have to read a nonfiction book, too, and list a bunch of facts about what I learned... Considering the fact that I don't even know where to start on that, Imma just pick some random book I read when I was 10 and pretend I read it this summer.

This turned into a rant about summer reading homework...

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