Red Eyed Copycat

Bureaucrat Bureaucrat
  • I live in The USA. :D
  • My occupation is Lordepedia Chief Vandalism Remover, Collider, MBer, Wikian
  • I am A boy
  • Red Eyed Copycat


    April 30, 2014 by Red Eyed Copycat

    Hey all! So, my mother wants me to disable my account.

    But, she said I can make another one in a week. *rolls eyes* So, I am gonna disable this one. And then I am gonna make a new one under the name of "Synsho".

    Okee? Okee.


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  • Red Eyed Copycat

    Doesn't my infobox just look AWESOME?!?!?! Well, technically, it's a table, not an infobox. XP

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  • Red Eyed Copycat

    I am a cute little bumblebee. Spring has sprung. Here is a flower. I eat the flower's sweet smelling pee. I take the pee to the nest, where it is made into a gel for the humans to have on their bread.

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  • Red Eyed Copycat


    March 22, 2014 by Red Eyed Copycat

    Remembering the time I made one wiki. Got kicked off and made a new one. Got kicked off and made a final one. I am remembering the pain, which is no longer.

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