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  • Poisonivy3000

    I'm leaving

    April 20, 2014 by Poisonivy3000

    No, this is not a drill. Why am I leaving, you ask? I'll tell you. 

    I just can't take it anymore. This wiki serves more as a place that makes me angry than one that calms me or makes me feel better.

    So I'm leaving. If I do too many goodbyes I might get too emotional. So if you really need to contact me, my message wall is the way to go. I'll still be on other wikis, so if you miss me and want to talk, I'm get a notification and we can meet on chat or something.

    I'm really sorry to everyone who tried to understand. I truly am. And I apologize to those of you who do care. Like I said, contact me if you need anything.

    Until then, goodbye everyone.

    ~Ivy Starling

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  • Poisonivy3000

    Guess where I am

    April 13, 2014 by Poisonivy3000

    Hint: I am in the same place as a Wikian...

    Try to guess!

    And completelyunrelated, why is no one in chat?

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  • Poisonivy3000

    So, this is basically the culmination of everything I've wanted to write a blog post about for a long time. Here goes.


    ​ the wiki home page

    What an interesting way to spell "this". I didn't realize there were only three people on this wiki.


    Canada won lots of medals- including both gold medals in hockey and curling (my favourite sports!!) We placed third in the medal count, which is amazing because we only have 30 000 000 people, so 10x smaller than the US. GO CANADA!!!

    I really want to start curling. It's so much fun and it seems like a good shot at the Olympics (plus I'm good at strategy). No pun intended.

    My dad was boycotting the Olympics because of Putin :/. I really don't like that guy (Putin, not my dad. I love …

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  • Poisonivy3000

    So this is about a friend of mine. To protect her identity, I'll call her Kayla.

    So Kayla and I have known each other for a long time.  During the past few months, we've grown closer as friends. We're both separated and alienated from other people. We're both emo.

    However, she is very depressed lately. She talks more and more about dark and suicidal thoughts. She's even more sad than usual. She has said things such as "there have been no suicides at our school yet, but I might be pushed over the edge soon". 

    She has developed an eating disorder. When I sit with her at lunch she doesn't eat. Not even salad. Nothing. She says nothing about being 'fat' (she's the most athletic girl I know) but she is starving herself.

    She's even started cutting …

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  • Poisonivy3000

    Wikia was showing "error 503", meaning that I couldn't access wikis anymore because I had used the pages too much (???). I waited a while and refreshed EVERYTHING, cleared all the memory, settings, and all that. It still wasn't working. Then I waited a little more than tried again, and I could go on wikia, but I couldn't log into my account (why? Because the "log out session timed out. Please try again." ???). 

    The whole thing was weird start to finish. But it's all better now!! ^_^

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