Well, let's see. Number 1. Eh, I'll do Roman numerals. I'm paranoid like that- I think in order to make things look good, more specifically lists, they have to have Roman numerals.

I. My best friend Hope and I were agreeing the caps button is too far away. I told her I was too lazy to turn it off, and she's like, "Yeah, I know. It's too far away. XD."

II. When we were on my sailboat (yes, I'm wealthy, but not that wealthy) my mom and her best friend woke up the whole freakin' Marina with their laughter. I WAS FORCED TO GO TO BED AT, LIKE, 3 AM BC THEY WOULDN'T STOP TALKING. Then again, I was on the Internet at this time. . .

III. They also lost my dog's water bowl. We get back, my father and I, and according to Mom and Jen, someone knocked it off the dock into the water, and my dog was circling the docks to find it. *facepalm*

IV. I watched a video of Tom Hiddleston dancing recently, and then when I was at a class, I broke out into sponteous dancing. When the teacher asked what I was doing, I replied, "The Hiddleston." Then one of my best friends joined me, and Hope just rolled her eyes. Luckily, they dismissed it as "ADHD".

V. Yes, I am ADHD, and this here proves it: On Friday/Saturday night, (I can't remember which) I ate this HUGE s'more. It had two whole gram crackers, a whole chocolate bar, and about twelve marshmellows and drizzled over the top was carmel AND chocolate sauce. When I got back to the boat, I was so hyper it scared everyone, including my own mother. I was begging for random things.

VI. Don't blame me! My dog doesn't really like his dog toys, but when it comes to cat toys, he can't leave them alone. I think I may've accidently let him tear up one of my friend's cat toys. LOL

And I will make more random blog posts, don't worry.

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