i. Contrary to many beliefs, I am adopted. I was born in my state, but still, I was adopted.

ii. My two best friends and I have so much in common we could be triplets.

iii. I hate making lists.

iv. I love TV-themed music so much (Sherlock, Doctor Who, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sleepy Hollow, Resurrection, Once Upon A Time) I look it up on the music app Spotify continuously, not realizing I have it on about five different playlists.

v. I have not read a teenager post more then five times that have NOT applied to me. Crazy, right?

vi. I do not know the meaning of some text symbols, and therefore, I refuse to use them until I know what they mean.

vii. I found this really creepy music band named "The Vespers". Very creepy.

viii. I have a really bad singing voice, and I sing a lot, in bad harmony with my best friends. We drive everyone around us crazy.

ix. I look nothing like my picture on the Wikis. I actually have long dark brown hair I dyed a permant dirty-blonde, green or blue or grey eyes that change colours at random times, and very pale skin. Yes, I am English, but I live in America.

x. Last night, I found out some info about my birth parents. I trust you guys so much, I have decided to tell you some of my past. I never lived in an orphanage, but my birth mother Jackie gave me up at birth. She left the hospital the day I was born, apparently. My father Ray is off the federal charts, but both of them have a criminal record. (Have you ever seen Once Upon A Time? I'm much like Henry Mills, actually.) Both of them are nowhere to be found, although my mom (adoptive mom) thinks we could find Jackie. I'm not sure. What do you think?

And there is my second random blog post!!!!!!

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