Ivy:Remeber that some people are just complete idiots.Laugh when you prove them wrong.And I learned my lesson. ;) (though I seriously have)

Clair:*sigh* Thanks for telling me information that I love having. :D  Anyways,just remember that I trust you,and I always have.

Justin:In the past few months,you've grown to be my protective,two-months-older-than-me sibling.You stay you,don't let anyone change you.You'll do great(and funny) things my friend.

Nikki:Stay upbeat,don't drag yourself down and hate on yourself,stay active,let people know you aren't dead. *hugs Nikki*

Nyla:You've been an amazing friend through and through,go give that type of friendship to someone else too.I want another person to say that they've been friends with you,to say that you made their day.Remember to teach them how to poision Apple too.

Em:You're just awesomesauce.We've stayed up after midnight talking.That proves that you're really easy to talk to.You understand and respect people's desicsions.I've been so glad to know you. If I change my mind,I will make sure to come back and remake that RP.  :)

Christine:You're bold and energetic,always proud and happy to be living.Stay like that,and remember that you took the better roads. :)

Pri:you've been an amazing friend,and your helped a lot this past summer with the TR.Stay insane my friend.

eKat:Until I came on wiki,I never really knew you.I now know you're fun loving,understanding,and easy to talk to.I just needed to say thanks for that.

Oz: *shrug* Bye I geuss?Don't really know you......

Amy:You're an awesome friend,filled with awesome and terrifitaco moments.I may be leaving,but you better write more of your story!

Kazey: I'm not going to make this anymore or less than it is.I love you,I hope you know that.I love you to the moon and back and more.You live your life like it's meant to be,without pesky girls from OK bothering you.

BTW,none of you guys are allowed to be sad.And someone tell Oz where Oklahoma is!

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