Anyways, I saw that everyone is coming back and stuff, and I figured I haven't talked to most you in a while, soooo yeah. How's life, how's school, how's your summer, have you gotten TABINOF yet, have you heard P!ATD's new songs......

As for me, my summer's been boring, and school's going okay-ish. The teachers are going on strike because the government won't let them do something, and it's affecting the students and the parents too, like we're not getting comments on our report cards, extracurriculars might be cancelled, and that stuff. Hopefully they sort it out though because I'm in grade 8 now and at the end of the year we have a grad trip and I'm really excited for that so yeah. For Halloweenn I'm a gonna be a Death Eater/Shadowhunter. I'm going to draw a Death Eater thing on one arm and runes on another. I've also fallen in love with Dan and Phil and now I am wasting my life on YouTube yay *facetree* aaaaand yeah that's pretty much it.

Every year for 4 years now, I've gotten addicted to a certain series. In 2011 it was T39C, in 2012 it was the Hunger Games, in 2013 it was Harry Potter, and it 2014 it was LoTR. This year I don't really have stuff on my reading list, so if you guys could tell me some of your favorite series, that'd be great.

Current OTP: Cecily + Gabriel from TID (Cass Clare)

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