I have recently joined a book club thingy called Battle of the Books at my school, and I have 40 books to read. Then, I also want to read... *ahem*

  • If I Stay, and the sequel to that
  • TMI series
  • TMR (does it have a series too?)
  • Blood of Olympus
  • the Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • The Long Haul
  • LoTR
  • Reread Harry Potter
  • Assorted John Green books (Looking for Alaska)
  • Adventure Time
  • Pokemon manga series
  • Garfield books
  • Big Nate comics

'Bunch of other books that I'm prolly forgetting

Then I have to juggle that with swimming, piano, violin, school and the wedding...

So... Yeah. IDK why I made a blog post, but... yeah. XD

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