Sooo........ what shall I write here? I suppose these blog posts are for peasants people to know what's going on in your life?

Well then, as all of you may have heard, there will be a Lyzzy wedding. If you don't know what Lyzzy is, thou shalt be subject to Dementego's Kiss. Anyways, we hath decided-eth that the wedding will be located in Holland. Or the Netherlands. Or the Nederlands. Whatever. The honeymoon shall be in Ontario. We're inviting the LoTR cast, as well as the entire HP cast, living or dead. All fictional characters are invited, basically. The wedding cake is disembodied hand brownie (DHB) cake with Creme a la Glomp icing, Awesomesauce filling, and topped with non-poisonous nightlock berries. There will also be Dauntless Cake, Vittles, Amity bread, Butterbeer, Chocolate Frogs, Coolsyrup, Epicsprinkles, goblin meat, and sushi on the menu, along with many other wonderfully delicious things. Meat grinders will be at your service.

Dresses, 'dos, and other arrangements will be posted shortly. :D


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