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    Anyways, I saw that everyone is coming back and stuff, and I figured I haven't talked to most you in a while, soooo yeah. How's life, how's school, how's your summer, have you gotten TABINOF yet, have you heard P!ATD's new songs......

    As for me, my summer's been boring, and school's going okay-ish. The teachers are going on strike because the government won't let them do something, and it's affecting the students and the parents too, like we're not getting comments on our report cards, extracurriculars might be cancelled, and that stuff. Hopefully they sort it out though because I'm in grade 8 now and at the end of the year we have a grad trip and I'm really excited for that so yeah. For Halloweenn I'm a gonna be a Death Eater/Shadowhunter.…

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    (o) (o)

    October 12, 2014 by Mistress Cillessen

    Okay. I jas finished watching Harry Potter movies (tis why I'm never chatting on the weekends) and and and *fangirls*

    Sad moments in order
    5. When Fred died
    4. Snape's memories
    3. When Snape died
    2. When Dobby died
    1. Snape and Lily's childhood

    Best moment goes to...

    The childhood of Snape and Lily

    *fangirls* *hyperventilates* *screams* *dies* *repeats*


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    I have recently joined a book club thingy called Battle of the Books at my school, and I have 40 books to read. Then, I also want to read... *ahem*

    • If I Stay, and the sequel to that
    • TMI series
    • TMR (does it have a series too?)
    • Blood of Olympus
    • the Perks of Being a Wallflower
    • The Long Haul
    • LoTR
    • Reread Harry Potter
    • Assorted John Green books (Looking for Alaska)
    • Adventure Time
    • Pokemon manga series
    • Garfield books
    • Big Nate comics

    'Bunch of other books that I'm prolly forgetting

    Then I have to juggle that with swimming, piano, violin, school and the wedding...

    So... Yeah. IDK why I made a blog post, but... yeah. XD

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    Sooo........ what shall I write here? I suppose these blog posts are for peasants people to know what's going on in your life?

    Well then, as all of you may have heard, there will be a Lyzzy wedding. If you don't know what Lyzzy is, thou shalt be subject to Dementego's Kiss. Anyways, we hath decided-eth that the wedding will be located in Holland. Or the Netherlands. Or the Nederlands. Whatever. The honeymoon shall be in Ontario. We're inviting the LoTR cast, as well as the entire HP cast, living or dead. All fictional characters are invited, basically. The wedding cake is disembodied hand brownie (DHB) cake with Creme a la Glomp icing, Awesomesauce filling, and topped with non-poisonous nightlock berries. There will also be Dauntless Cake, Vi…

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