So today I took a run. A long run. A very long run. A torturous, infuriating and very long run.

Let me tell you why I went for a run. So I went to the hospital today and indeed, my pulse is irregular, and it's been hidden for all these years because I stopped exercising so much this year. (HA!) Apparently, exercising will help or something, so naturally, my dad dragged me out for a run. It was not voluntary. Not. At. All.

So at first when I was running I thought, "How am I ever going to survive this?" It was a 30 minute run and I was seriously out of shape. In fact, I was never even in shape. So about five minutes later, my legs started to hurt. Legit. Hurt. Another five minutes later, and I was breathing hard. I WAS TIRED. AND MY LUNGS WERE ABOUT TO BLOW UP. It felt like I was walking on lava. Except the pain was all over my body. And internal. And my organs were on fire. I don't even know how I survived the rest of the trip. You know that trick where you say to yourself "Oh, I'll go to that lamppost and stop," and when you get there you say the same about the next one? IT. DOES. NOT. WORK.

So when I said stop to my dad and started walking, he was all "No, you can keep going, Megan." NO, DAD. I CANNOT. I WAS SERIOUS WHEN IS SAID THAT. NO.

So after the run, in the car ride back home, I kept shouting at my dad about how I'm dead and mumbling weird things at random intervals. I was practically delirious!

But maybe that's the normal me.

So now I'm tired and I will never ever ever ever ever ever go running again. Never. Ever. Ever.

PS So I realized I've been using the word "so" a lot to start paragraphs... Hehe... PPS AND I'M CHUBBY! :{D I saw the doctor enter "chubby" into the computer XD and when I told my mom she said, "I TOLD YOU SO. FAT." HA. Hahaha. PPPS I'm dramatic I know.

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