My sister is so weird. O_O

  • She just discovered I'm evil and she's going around telling everyone.
  • She has been poking me for an hour. #TheThreePokersAreSoMuchCooler
  • She thinks 0_o and O_O look weird and has been poking them for the longest time.
  • She thinks disembodied hand brownies are gross.
  • She's just realizing I'm crazy and wild, so she's calling 911.

9/3/2014 Edit:

  • She's weirded out by the fact I sleep with daggers in my bed.
  • She's calling me a freak, and I, as usual, am applauding her for her sanity.
  • She's weirded out by the fact I threw her into a dungeon that also contains dancing unicorns and disembodied hands.
  • She uses text talk, I'm like "STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP."
  • She thinks I looked like O_o before I died.
  • She thinks I looked like x_x when she killed me.
  • She thinks I looked like ^_^ after I died.
  • She thinks I kicked a wall because I have "anger issues."
  • She's angry at me because I gave her a picture of GBB.

Completely unrelated, but I hath lost my voice... again. *facetree*
Err... I'll be right back.

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