So y'all know about the mystery I wrote for my class in February? XD Well today, I {finally} read my teacher's comments on my story... XD

"They're all really intriguing characters." I laughed so hard, everyone was staring at me. XD

Just to refresh your memory:

The victim is Bella, the murderer is Lyss, the victim's husband is Justin, the victim's niece is Essy, the detective is Matt, the random friend is Hannah, the old college professor is Ashley, and the butler-who-doesn't-actually-exist-except-for-in-my-mind-and-is-married-to-the-professor is Kazey.

I had to write two stories with 1D Fangirl today. *facepalm* It actually wasn't that bad... Hehe... We had ice cream and cake and then pulled a prank on her brother in one. In the other, I gave her a fur-covered cookie so she stole my iPod and destroyed it. -_-

Cheerio! My doom will be here in an hour!


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