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    Merry Christmas!

    December 1, 2014 by MagicalNectar2

    Yo, this is your early Christmas present, since I won't be around for Christmas.

    Hope ye like it!

    Don't forget to be severely offended when you figure out what the heck that means.


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    September 3, 2014 by MagicalNectar2

    My English teacher proved she isn't a robot.




    Now she wants her students to prove that we're not robots... We have to create an "introduction" video and send it to her so that she can post it on an awesome website that has "hai" in its name.

    Creating videos is far more challenging that you may think, little padawans.

    First, I try to film it in the garage.

    The place where I fall asleep for five hours straight.

    The place I claim as my own.

    My precious.

    The place I do homework in.

    The place I use as a refuge when maniacal child try to kill me.

    The place where I get eaten by bugs.

    The place where Precious the sailboat is located. O_O

    My sister walks out and decides she won't leave.

    So I go in my bedroom.

    Guess who followed?

    I tell my sister to stay whe…

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    *strangled gasp*

    June 26, 2014 by MagicalNectar2

    My sister is so weird. O_O

    • She just discovered I'm evil and she's going around telling everyone.
    • She has been poking me for an hour. #TheThreePokersAreSoMuchCooler
    • She thinks 0_o and O_O look weird and has been poking them for the longest time.
    • She thinks disembodied hand brownies are gross.
    • She's just realizing I'm crazy and wild, so she's calling 911.

    9/3/2014 Edit:

    • She's weirded out by the fact I sleep with daggers in my bed.
    • She's calling me a freak, and I, as usual, am applauding her for her sanity.
    • She's weirded out by the fact I threw her into a dungeon that also contains dancing unicorns and disembodied hands.
    • She uses text talk, I'm like "STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP."
    • She thinks I looked like O_o before I died.
    • She thinks I looked like x_x when she…

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    We were talking about how the non-existent-person hated Oz the Great and Powerful (the movie...). It's rather ironic that Oz has the same birthday as him.......... *sigh*

    18 days later and not a clue... *beats self up with Justin's skillet*

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    Bwahahahaha. :P

    • 7:08 Synsho So, you are now Clair Copycat, Apprentice of Justin Copycat.
    • 7:08 Chazzysteve Yup.
    • 7:08 Synsho Would you like some Copycat Tips?
    • 7:08 Chazzysteve Sure.
    • 7:09 Synsho 1. Ignore the yelling and screaming of your victims.
    • 7:09 Chazzysteve
    • 7:09 Synsho 2. Bite, scratch, copy.
    • 3. Never, ever, EVER tell anyone you are human.
    • We are COPYCATS.
    • 7:10 Chazzysteve XD

    • Synsho I owe you an apology.
    • I'm sorry I have been rude to you about Claisaac and disappearing you all the time.
    • I'm sorry that I've been annoying too.
    • 6:29 Chazzysteve *whacks you with a sword* You're welcome.
    • 6:30 Synsho *whacks you with a skillet* It was nothing, Dearie.
    • 6:30 Chazzysteve *whacks you with a disembodied hand* Oh, really?
    • 6:31 Synsho *whacks you with dead body of …

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