Uh huh... Here's some random updates:

1. Well, we had our science end of year. We had three tests, and I've only gotten my chemistry results back yet, but I got 24/30 which is A* so yeah. :P And we did one half of our Italian end of year and I got 100%!!!!! :P

2. We've had 3/4 maths exams now... They went better than I thought they would. XD The last one is on Friday...we have to miss our school summer fair to do it but oh well... WHAT a shame... >.<


4. Yesterday, Connor Franta (YouTuber) revealed that he has depression, and has had it for six months now. SIX MONTHS. And no one even knew... Of course, #WeLoveYouConnor is now trending on Twitter (and I think Google+). Yeah... There's more to that story but I won't go into it. XD

5. Drama festival tomorrow. Every form in our year does a performance and they do this every year. Last year we won. The year before we came second or third. Unfortunately, we started working on the performance six days before the festival itself. Luckily I managed to get out of performing...hehehe... >:D

6. I went camping at the weekend. And I'm going camping this weekend. I'm so tired. We also had to give in our DofE applications if we want to do it because out of 210 people there are only 40 places and I really REALLY NEED TO GET IN. YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I WANT TO GET IN. I think the fact that I camp a lot, I do 'volunteer work' (as such) and that I have good attendance (I've missed one day since year seven for a funeral and one period because I had to get a cast taken off of my wrist that turned out not to be broken... *glares at doctors*) means that I should get in. If I don't... *shakes head* *casually pulls butterknife out of pocket* heh...

7. Today we did this presentation on a book for English and my group chose TFioS and everyone thought it was awesome because we showed the trailer and they all started crying...

8. I don't think Wolfblood is ever going to come back. *scowls* WE WAITED TWO WHOLE SEASONS FOR THEM TO GET TOGETHER IN THE LAST EPISODE AND IT WAS SUPPOSED TO START AGAIN AND WHERE IS IT???? *glares at Bobby Lockwood like it's his fault or something*

So yeah......... I said a lot more than I thought I would... My life really isn't that interesting... O_o

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