Whatever. I'm going to update anyone who cares anyway.

Basically, I had a horrible maths test, which I did okay on, but got the lowest in my class, I think (to be fair all the mistakes I made were utterly stupid, and I didn't get THAT much worse than the rest of my set. Besides, I am in top set maths in a grammar school, and I'm no genius or anything, so I don't know what anyone is expecting from me. :/). Our End Of Year maths is in two weeks...but we have FOUR. Two calculator, two non-calculator. And they start the day after our science end of years, which we have three of, on the same day. Which I'm probably going to miss anyway because of a maths trip our set gets to go to. Also, the second half of the maths tests are on the Monday and the Friday after the others, but on the weekend before, I'm going camping. I'm going to fail miserably, as always. Fantastic.

On the bright side, we got our school reports! I reached my target level on every subject except PE (who cares? The only thing I like about it is that we get exercise... I really don't care about my ability to hit a ball with a wooden stick, thank you very much.), History (my teacher told me I would probably fail, even though I was doing really well before she said that) and Geography (which I'm taking next year. Oh joy.). My geography teacher told me I would do really well if I put more effort in. Um, dude, I DID. And I FAILED. MISERABLY.

Okay, school lessons aside, my life has been absolutely terrible recently. This is because one of my friends from my friendship group has fallen out with the rest of the group, except me. So I really don't know whose side to be on here. The rest of the group apparently find me 'easily replaceable', and are apparently talking about me behind my back, according to her. The thing is, even if I talk to her, they don't care, so that's alright, but I think she gets kinda offended because I spend a lot of time with them and not her... So I don't know what to do. Thinking about it, that doesn't seem like such a big deal...I don't know why it's bothering me so much... :/

I have to go to a barbecue today. All day. Yay. >.<


I just remembered, none of you have ever seen what I actually look like. I would post a picture, but my face is too horrifyingly ugly. *shrugs*

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