So, I'm really ill right now with a cough and a cold and I took Clair's advice and passed it on to everyone I hate. >:D So that's Danger No 1. I can pass on my cold to people and make them ill too. :D

Danger No 2. Today was SOOO unbelievably hot, and for some reason in CS, for the first time in like eight years, my nose started bleeding... O_o My friend was like 'LOL, Amy, you have a nosebleed!' So I got a tissue and realised that she wasn't actually lying. It was most likely due to the heat... So, my teacher, who's Canadian, was like 'Are you okay? Do you need to go to the restroom to get a tissue?' And I said no and laughed because he said restroom. *facepalm* Sorry, I just find that word so weird... So someone gave me a couple of tissues, and when my nose stopped bleeding, I just made a tiny pile of them next to my desk so I could put them in the bin in a moment. And then the teacher came over to me and asked me 'politely' to put them in the bin because it was a health hazard... Now, I totally understand that it IS a health hazard to not immediately put tissues in the bin even if the side that I put on the desk was totally clean, but I was slightly offended anyway. Because he basically just called me a danger to humanity (at least how I see it, anyway...). And now I realise that I'm a terrible person and I hate me. :/

Danger No 3. Possibly the most annoying, is fangirling. It's seriously becoming an issue. Like the other day a couple of girls in my class were talking about Troyler. And you know how that would turn fangirl gasping and confusing everyone... As if that wasn't bad enough, and all the other times I've unnecessarily fangirled, today I randomly asked my friend who her favourite band was. So she said there were too many, and asked me who mine was at the moment. And I said Fall Out Boy. And then we started fangirling about Patrick... And THEN randomly she said 'HAVE YOU SEEN BRENDON'S VINES????' In case you didn't know, Brendon Urie has the most awesome Vines in existence... I don't even have Vine, I just watch Brendon's on YouTube... So yes, come within three metres of me and mention one of my Fandoms and you will probably regret it... :/

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