So, yesterday, as a joke, because our school has a new catering service and I don't like it (:/) I said that I was giving up lunch for Lent. And people were like "oh, okay". But today, when everyone's discussing what they gave up and I say "unhealthy food and lunch" (THE LUNCH WAS STILL A JOKE. Well, kinda... D: The food is gross) everyone freaked out, like, "OH MY GOSH, AMY!!!! YOU CAN'T GIVE UP LUNCH FOR LENT! YOU NEED TO EAT, IF YOU DON'T EAT YOU DIE!!!!!" EVEN after I pointed out that I, unlike most people I know, eat breakfast. So I ate lunch... I ate a sandwich and a 'large' fruit pot (about two inches tall-ish... THAT IS NOT LARGE.). And today when I got home I went to my gran's house and she said that she had a cherry Bakewell for me. So I said I couldn't have it because I gave up unhealthy food for Lent, and THEN...bring on the huge lecture of how I need to eat...I'm literally giving up chocolate and cake! Gosh! It's not like I'm giving up eating altogether. But I ate the Bakewell... And at least she didn't know about that giving up lunch thing I said earlier... O_O

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