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  • I live in ...a waSTELAND, MY ONLY RETREAT
  • I was born on November 13
  • My occupation is ALLTIMELOW
  • I am overly obsessed with bands tbh
  • Llamadolphin16


    September 27, 2015 by Llamadolphin16

    Hey. o.o

    I found my way back here somehow and I just wanted to drop by on this very abandoned place. *tumbleweed* So... *crickets chirp* Hey there.

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  • Llamadolphin16

    This is starting to get ridiculous... I'm just going to say it...

    But before I say this, I would just like to point out that I'm REALLY bad with words... I've literally written this about ten times? And spent an hour or more each time. Now I'm just going to say it because in the end (AS YOU FADE INTO THE NIGHT, WHO WILL TELL THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE??? Oops... Sorry...) who cares anyway?

    Here we go... (Allons-y!) (I'm slightly hyper for no reason whatsoever...)

    I'll start at the very beginning... (It's a very good place to start... *hums* Do re me... Oops... I need to stop quoting song lyrics. >.

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  • Llamadolphin16

    So yesterday I was listening to Paramore when the song Let The Flames Begin came on. Usually when I listen to music I don't pay much attention to it, but this time, some certain lyrics stuck out to me:
    What a shame
    We all became such fragile, broken things
    A memory remains, just a tiny spark

    I give it all my oxygen,
    So let the flames begin
    Let the flames begin

    I guess it stuck out to me because it's relatable to me right now...even if it is deep...

    Then today I was listening to them AGAIN, when Part II came on. At first I was confused because the start goes:

    What a shame, what a shame we all remain
    Such fragile broken things
    A beauty half betrayed
    Butterflies with punctured wings

    Still there are darkened places deep in my heart
    Where once was blazing li…

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  • Llamadolphin16

    IT'S SUMMER! FINALLY!!!!!!! No more school for...five weeks... Ugh. Five weeks of summer (hehehe... Yeah.) and then it's back to YEAR TEN. I'm actually really fed up of Britain. It's either way too hot, having thunder and lightning storms, or both. Sure, I like storms, but not when I still have to go to school and it's three am and I can't sleep and ASDFGHJKL. So I have five weeks off now. Then I have to leave the MB... Although I'm considering leaving now. *pauses* I mind...

    My Year eight and nine form tutor is leaving and we saw her for the last time today and we all cried and she brought in loads of food for our 'breakfast' thing we had at form this morning and since there was so much left, we had to finish it throughou…

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  • Llamadolphin16

    Uh huh... Here's some random updates:

    1. Well, we had our science end of year. We had three tests, and I've only gotten my chemistry results back yet, but I got 24/30 which is A* so yeah. :P And we did one half of our Italian end of year and I got 100%!!!!! :P

    2. We've had 3/4 maths exams now... They went better than I thought they would. XD The last one is on Friday...we have to miss our school summer fair to do it but oh well... WHAT a shame... >.<


    4. Yesterday, Connor Franta (YouTuber) revealed that he has depression, and has had it for six months now. SIX MONTHS. And no one even knew... Of course, #WeLoveYouConnor is now trending on Twitter (and I think Google+). Yeah... There's more to tha…

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