Hi there, this is Kazey! I'm here to talk about an upcoming project! Now this project was going to take place on the main MB wiki a few months ago. It never happened. I'm going to make it happen! We will be holding a scavenger hunt across all three wikis (The 39 Clues MB Wiki, The MB Stories Wiki, and the Shipped MBers Refugee Wiki).

However, The 39 Clues MB Wiki will not be informed as I believe that this may hurt some people on there and I do not want to hurt anybody. Their wiki will still be used for scavenging though. If you would like to help me in this, then email me at, and state that you want to help and who you are If you would just like to take part, then do the same as the above but do not state that you want to help. All entries and clues will be given via email, though if this is not available to you and/or you feel uncomfortable doing this, then you may contact me via my Wattpad account (KazemaruKazey) or any other website you feel comfortable with, If you request to contact me via a different website, then use my message wall or PM to tell me. I will not take entries over my message wall, and clues will not be given via message walls. Any entries after the starting date will not be counted.

Hope ya have fun, Kazey

PS. As I already have now got Christine helping me, I will no longer be taking requests to help me. SORRY!!!

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