So, case you didn't know (well, why would you have known?), I was in Kansas for my aunt's wedding. I left on Thurday after school and came back Sunday at around 9 PM CT. But you guys probably didn't even know I left! I guess my ninja moves are just *that* good ;) Actually, the hotel had free wifi--they gave us a passcode that was good for up to either devices :D So I popped on every once in a while :P

At the wedding, I kinda sorta caught my aunt's boquet. See, there was a part of it that was really heavy, and so a ton of people grabbed at it, but it was wripped out of their hands. And I was in the back of the group, and so I was the last to touch it before it hit the ground XP Then my cousin picked it up and gave it to me, but I didn't really want it, so I gave it to a little girl from the groom's side of the family--I guess she's my cousin-in-law? :P

Bleh. I want to go was much warmer than Iowa XD But really, it's mostly because I want to see my mom's side of the family (of course, they all went back to their homes that are across the midwest mostly). When I was unpacking, I smelled something that reminded me of my little cousin (I think he's three years old....), and I just about started crying -_-

Well, I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about my short little trip, so I'll stop writing :P

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