Okaaaaaay, so.... In my school, homecoming is coming up, and every year during that week we always come up with these awesome dress up days! XD The other day I found it that they would be the following:

Moday: You're such a character--You dress up as a character from a book/movie :D :D :D

Tuesday: Class color--Every grade has to wear their color (my grade is pink >.< )

Wednesday: We're so fancy--You have to wear really fancy clothes

Thursday: Throwback Thursday--Dress up in fashion from the past (50's, 60's, 70's, etc.) or you could dress up as a little kid

Friday: Just our town colors :)

I can't wait for the other three years I'm gonna have to do this--I'm sure they'll be interesting! XD Last year I remember there was Nerd Day (I was kinda hoping for that one so I wouldn't have to bother with my contacts for a day), Generation Day (Freshmen = babies, Sophmores = toddlers, etc.), 'Merica Day (I think you can guess that), Gender Swap Day (and I'm sure you can guess what that one was XD ), and What Not To Wear Day--but I couldn't do those since I was in the middle school, and the MS dress up days are pretty much always the same *blames student council* :/

A few of the other choices for this year (since we voted on them) were Destination Day (where each grade has to dress up like a different place), Gender Swap, aaaaaaand.....I think that was it :P And every year there's always the Friday with town colors, and there's always class color day.

Yeah, I totally spent this entire post talking about clothes XD But, seriously, I need to figure out what I'm going to wear! And I can't talk to my mom too much about it at the moment, because she's in Texas right now >.<

Sooo, yeah XD

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