Okay, so, last night a just got back from vacation (my cat was very happy ^_^ ). But, anyway, the past few days were pretty painful. On Thursday, we went to a lake and rented a boat and went tubing, and somehow I hurt my was pretty stiff for the rest of the day. Also, I got sunburned really bad on Thursday. I put sunscreen on, but obviously it wasn't enough :P

Finally, on Friday, we went to this go-cart track thing (we also did a few on Monday--or maybe it was Sunday?). I forgot to have my hair in a pony, so while before we started (but while we were in the carts), I leaned behind me to ask my older sister for something to tie my hair back with. Then I accidentally laid my fingers on the back of the cart, where it's hot. And so now I have blisters on three of my fingers -_- At least it's my left hand. And to be honest, they've already almost disappeared. And it turns out that my little sister didn't have her hair back, and none of the employees made her put it in a pony *facepalm* -_-

Really, at this point, only my sunburns hurt. And they hurt a lot, especially on my shoulders. So........yeah  XD

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