Okay, so....... My family is.......... I don't know :P -_- First, I guess I should tell you who they are :P Just a note, these are NOT actually their real names, I'm just making them up XP

Dad (you know, I'm just keeping my parents  as that :P )


LuLu: 15 years old, 9th grade

Winnie: 12 years old, 6th grade

Al: 10 years old, 4th grade

So, anyway, I always call my older sister LuLu to annoy her XD And then Al...well, he made a Scholastic account, and I/he posted on the Spirit Animals forum.... I was the one who actually typed it, because he didn't want to, but he was right there :P I believe the link is right here.... Uh....yeah XP

Well, to start things off, LuLu bought the song Let It Go from Frozen on iTunes, and I didn't even know it until a week ago! :/ And then Winnie bought Spirit Animals book 2 (Hunted) at the end of February, and I just found out yesterday -_- But I just added the book code, so now I can have three heroes! :D XD

This is kinda off topic, but Winnie and Al recently had their birthdays, and so my mom got them Disney Infinity (actually, I think I wanted it more than Winnie :P ) for the Wii. But our Wii isn't working for some reason (my mom just ordered a new one off ebay :D ), but in the package came a code for the computer version. And so, of course, we had to make an account for it. And I convinced Winnie and Al to have our user name be FireTurtle234 XP Regular FireTurtle, as well as FireTurtle10 were already taken, and so I resorted to using our lucky numbers :P Al wanted to do something like AWE234 or something..... Like, can't the "E" be first? Actually, that's what his and Winnie's Minecraft username is, or something like that :P

So........yeah, I'm done rambling. For now. XD

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