So, in my movie theatre, instead of doing a midnight premere of Divergent, we have one at 8:00 PM Thurday night :D It was the same for Catching Fire, as well XD

Anyway, they did NOT totally mess it up, thank goodness :) Though, of course, there were some parts that were different..... :/ But still, it wasn't like Percy Jackson :D

On the way homie from the movie, my little sister asked why it smelled like lime. Then, I said that maybe it was my DOTS, but she decided they were her Skittles..... And I was like THERE ARE NO LIME SKITTLES ANYMORE!!!! HOW DARE YOU REMIND ME!!!!!!! AUGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....Okay, maybe it wasn't THAT dramatic..... :P But, still. XP

I've got to go now, my cat is getting into my stuff :/ :P

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