So, who all is going to do it?! In April, I didn't really get much writing done, so I'm hoping maybe if I pick a different story, I'll do more in July :D Except....there is a high probability I'm going to be going on vacation sometimes in July..... -_-  I'm probably going to see my cousins and the college that my parents went to, and where I wanna go, too! XD We'll also probably go to Silver Dollar City..... :D

Okay, back to Camp NaNoWriMo...... Everyone who wants to do it should post their username so we can all request to be in the same cabin :)

If you're not sure what it is, it's basically just writing a story for a whole month....... Go here  If you don't have an account and want one........

My user name is......wait for it............ FireTurtle10Em XP I totally surprised all of you, didn't I? :P

Now for some reason I feel a bit silly, so I'm just going to enter this before I change my mind XD

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