It's called From The Virtual World To The Real World and it's! So here's the prologue


Gavin B and all the other moderaters of the 39 Clues messageboard sat around a table in Scholastic HQ,they had been planing this event from the past five years,since the MB shutdown.Yes,it was over,but that was what the MBers thought,they,the moderaters had other ideas in store for them.

The MB had actually faded away,everyone had left,even the ones who said that they were never going to.But change is constant,isn't it? All the MBers had grown up from the kids they were to young adults of about the age of 20-21 years.Some of them left due to family problems,jobs or simply because they had grown out of the MB.

The moderaters had been collecting money for this event since all of this happened.And now,they had collected the 50 million dollars they needed to cover up everything.From booking the party hall in London - The Gibson hall,to booking all the plane tickets,to the decoration of the hall.Now they just had to send an email to each MBer on the planet,to give them a surprise they never would have expected.

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