So I thibk at this point everyone knows what project butterfly is.

   For me, i have been in depression before, but I never cut. I did do other less destructive things, but anyway...........................................
   I an over that now, but this thing with project butterfly keeps bringing flashbacks and I want to di my part to help you. Help me help you.
   So I drew butterflies that look like deformed radioactive aliens from the inside of a volcano. But I have 2, named Anne and Kai. I will probs be drawing more, after I have some practice with drawing them.
    But sice I suck at butterfly drawing, this is what I was thinking. What If I drew iratazes instead of butterflies? Huh huh ins'nt that genious of me? Yeah? And then i it fades naturally it means the irataz sunk in and healed the wound, and if it cones of, then you still have demon plison in you! I like my version of this. 

So I will proba be doing iratazes instead of butterflies because BUTTERFLIES ARE TOO MAINSTREAM. *puts on glasses*

  So would you guys like ne to do iratazes or butterflies?

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