Chapter four

"How? I'm not a pansycake, or a stiff." I protested, holding my hand to my forehead.

"Lets go through one by one, shall we?" The administrator sat down in a chair, waving for me to do the same. "Dauntless is the aptitude that is seen the most in you. That is the most recurring result throughout the test, such as when you tried to fight off the man, or jumped off the bus. Erudite is next, though I doubt you realize it. Your manipulation began when you realized the women's eyes had no emotion or life. "

Dauntless and Erudite. Candor. Amity. Stiffs. I was all of them. Not just two. All five. Without even knowing.

"Abnegation is third in line. You could have betrayed your brother and lived, but you chose your brother over you. Candor and Amity are tied in you."

"How am I Candor?" I thought I had her there, exposing it all as a scam. "I lied to the man."

"But you always spoke your mind. From talking to the women, to telling the man on the bus off- which, by the way, was the highlight of my day-."

"But Amity, how can I be a Dauntless and be an Amity?" I tugged at my hair, desperate for something familiar in a web of lies.

"When the dog attacked you, you didn't go straight into offense, only raising your arm in protection. It was not a decision made in cowardly intent, but a conscious one not to strike back. A peaceful decision."

My administrator watches me carefully, as if she is expecting some kind of fit. Kicking and screaming, maybe, instead of the dull silence I give her.

"You must not tell anyone. If your divergence is discovered..." She trails off, too much of a stiff to finish the sentence, even if we all know the ending. "Go. You have lots of thinking to do before tomorrow."

I stand, glancing back at my administrator before slipping into the hallway. I am rooted to the spot, not moving for a long time. The door across from mine opens and a girl in Candor clothing steps out. She has black hair with natural streaks of brown that reaches just above her rib cage. Her brown eyes meet mine, and I see in them the same mix of confusion and fear that is reflected in my own.

As quick as our eyes meet, she snaps hers back to the ground, not in a fearful manner, but as if she is hiding something. She brushes past me quickly, sprinting out the door.

I trace the tattoo of the Dauntless flames as I jog out to the train tracks. Ashley and Haiden are already there.

Ashley raises her head to look at me. She needs to ask me something, I can see it. It's the one question you can't ask or answer, but the one everyone wants to know. Results?

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