Chapter three

I sat up a little straighter, swallowing down a panic. "What do you mean 'interesting'."

"How much do you know about how simulations work?" My administrator asked. I glanced over her gray clothes that signified her as an Abnegate.

"I know they sort you into one of the factions. That's all we get to know." My voice was breathless. My administrator crossed the room and I whipped my head to follow her.

"Precisely. ONE of the factions." She said. I rolled my eyes. She was just trying to freak me out before giving me my results. "Pay attention!" She snapped, trailing a hand on my hair.

"Just give me my results so I can leave! What aptitude am I?" I yelled at her, shoving her hand away and sliding out of my chair. My hair fell in my face, obscuring my malicious expression.

"Ah ah ah." My instructor raised her index finger, tutting at me like I was the dog in the simulation. "I think you mean, which aptitudes." She corrected. I felt her words like a slap to the face. I jerked backward in surprise.

"You can't have more than one aptitude. It's not possible." I glared her down.

"Yes it is. It's called Divergence, and it's hidden to all those who don't have it."

"What can Divergence do? What's the deal?" I looked up at her.

"Divergents have more than one aptitude. They also can manipulate the simulations to an extent. The more factions you have aptitudes for, the stronger the Divergence." She told me, eyeing me up and down.

"How many aptitudes did I have?" My mouth is dry. The administrator gives me a quirky smile.

"All five."

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