So I know that you guys always want the nice happy ending at the end of a book, but with me, i don't do happy endings. I write reality and in reality, people die in school shootings. In reality, chances are, if you went to Auschwitz, you died. If you live in a dystopian world your goin. To die. And people get really upset with me because my Max story is sad or depressing, but thats reality. A kid who died when he was nine isnmt going to e all "ou I love this this is so amazing." So idont write happy thigs. Majoroty of my books are actually kinda depressig. Like ten minutes o freedom is about a school shootig. I didn't write it to make you happy and full of joy. I wrote it to make you think about the reality of school shootings. Chambers, my holocaust story isn't writen to make you enjoy history, its written to make you understand the holocaust had no respect for age. understand that the h

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