How are you feeling? I'm okay. Are you sure? Yes...well aside from the fact I have to save the world from my evil brother. Then what are you? A shadowhunter. Wait, are you a mundane? Was I supposed to say that to you? I don't know all these rules. I'm humna, what are you? You're a mundane I can't answer that! The clave will kill me. I am a human. Exactly! I can't say anything to you! But I'm here. Okay. Fine. I'm a shadowhunter. A demon killer. But I'm kinda bad at it. Why do you lie? I'm not lieing! I swear! My name is clary fray and my dad is a evil genius who created a demo. Child who is also my brother. You just admitted to lying No I didn't! Yes you did. No! Now you're arguing with me! I'm not arguing! I'm not arguing! Yes you are, you are a difficult robot. I'm not a robot I'm a shadowhunter! Yes you are not a unrobot. What is that even mean? If I'm not a shadowhunter, than what am I? What is what supposed to mean? 56456 people talking It means what I said! And what does it say? By the angel you mundanes make everything so difficult. I don't want to have a philosophical debate. Well neither do I. Do I scare you? It means posing like a juxta. Was that Latin? Nooooo odio latino. I dont speak spaniah. You were just speaking it... No I didn't! You did! For the angels sake. I did not, you just told me you are 25 years old, then contradicted yourself. I'm not 25! I'm 16! What are you on? Talking to you silly. 58230 people talking Jace was right. This is a waste of time. I should be training. You think so? Yes I do! We cant all have imaginary conversations every living minute! Some of us have to save te world. That said because you don't have 1. I'm leaving. Why? Because your weird! I am proud of being weird. By the angel. Jace always said i need better priorities So that was when I left. This will be a new blog series i'm doing as a form of entertainment. So comment who you want me to cosplay as next! I'll do people from TMI TID PJO HOO the kane chronicles and the 39 clues 

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