Ugh. So chapter one is from Jason's pov. We all know how much I LOVE (read: hate) jason. He starts by saying, Jason hated being old. YOU DONT SAY? So Hazel has transformed him into an old man. LAUGH OUT LOUD SUCKA! But what I'm curious of is where is Percy during all of this? And Frank? Annabeth Hazel Piper and Jason are all accounted for, but not Percy. Can I just say if I'm on a mission, I'd prefer by a large margin Percy over Jason.

Funny story about how much I hate Jason. My friend and I are at the pool and we're at the dive pool. I already jumped and my friend is kinda unsure about it. So I yell at her, don't be Jason Grace! You see that thing you're doing there? Stop it cause thats what Jason would do. And my friend agreed and jumped. Honestly I hope Jason dies. And Piper. And Nico. If Reyna dies but Nico lives I'm going to hurl the book or even my phone depending on what I read it on. NICO MUST DIE.

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