• Christi shadowhunter

    Chapter four

    "How? I'm not a pansycake, or a stiff." I protested, holding my hand to my forehead.

    "Lets go through one by one, shall we?" The administrator sat down in a chair, waving for me to do the same. "Dauntless is the aptitude that is seen the most in you. That is the most recurring result throughout the test, such as when you tried to fight off the man, or jumped off the bus. Erudite is next, though I doubt you realize it. Your manipulation began when you realized the women's eyes had no emotion or life. "

    Dauntless and Erudite. Candor. Amity. Stiffs. I was all of them. Not just two. All five. Without even knowing.

    "Abnegation is third in line. You could have betrayed your brother and lived, but you chose your brother over you. Candor …

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  • Christi shadowhunter

    Chapter three

    I sat up a little straighter, swallowing down a panic. "What do you mean 'interesting'."

    "How much do you know about how simulations work?" My administrator asked. I glanced over her gray clothes that signified her as an Abnegate.

    "I know they sort you into one of the factions. That's all we get to know." My voice was breathless. My administrator crossed the room and I whipped my head to follow her.

    "Precisely. ONE of the factions." She said. I rolled my eyes. She was just trying to freak me out before giving me my results. "Pay attention!" She snapped, trailing a hand on my hair.

    "Just give me my results so I can leave! What aptitude am I?" I yelled at her, shoving her hand away and sliding out of my chair. My hair fell in my fac…

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  • Christi shadowhunter

    Chapter dos

    The waiting room is cold, not in temperature, but in emotion. The other Dauntless and I have started and abandoned several games of truth or dare, excluding the truths.

    Ashley has already gone. I saw her exit the testing room, pale and shaken up. Only a few kids remain now. Silence has coated the room a heavy blanket smothering our confidence.

    I catch a Erudite staring at me from across the room. Her eyes travel from my clothes to my hair, up my back to the tattoos that have been inked on my body. I glare at her, locking my eyes in hers. Surprisingly, she doesn't look away, holding my gaze in a curious bravery. Neither of us moves or blinks. We only separate when the administrators enter, calling out two names.

    "Katherine. Christin…

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  • Christi shadowhunter

    "Christine." A cold hand touches my shoulder. I flinch away, drawing back under the covers of my black sheeted bed. 

    My mom dumps a cup of cold water on my face. I bolt upright, gasping. The side of my head that has hair still drips into my eyes.

    "You don't want to miss the train." My mom snapped. I can see the edge of her flame tattoo as she walks out the door.

    Groaning, I drag myself out of my bed, falling onto the floor. I grab my favorite clothes off the floor. A black tank top, black leather jacket and black leather pants. 

    The dark colors compliment my black hair. It's dyed black, of course. Shaved on one side and cut unevenly along my jaw on the other. I like to think it reflects my personality.

    I stare at myself in the mirror, gripping …

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  • Christi shadowhunter

    Ugh. So chapter one is from Jason's pov. We all know how much I LOVE (read: hate) jason. He starts by saying, Jason hated being old. YOU DONT SAY? So Hazel has transformed him into an old man. LAUGH OUT LOUD SUCKA! But what I'm curious of is where is Percy during all of this? And Frank? Annabeth Hazel Piper and Jason are all accounted for, but not Percy. Can I just say if I'm on a mission, I'd prefer by a large margin Percy over Jason.

    Funny story about how much I hate Jason. My friend and I are at the pool and we're at the dive pool. I already jumped and my friend is kinda unsure about it. So I yell at her, don't be Jason Grace! You see that thing you're…

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