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  • Ashleyisdone

    So we're heading into the holiday season and I think as more people revist the wiki it's a good time to generally catch up.

    How's school? Life in general? Is there anything you're looking forward to? Or just someyhing random.

    Okay, I'm in a bit of a creatve block, so any good books, tv shows, movies, artists, ext. reccomendations are appreciated.

    Personally, schook is okay, and I'm now officially a teenager. And I have glasses. And TABINOF.

    Sooo...yeah. Thid was pointles.

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  • Ashleyisdone

    I Am Not Panicking

    October 15, 2015 by Ashleyisdone

    Psssh, totally not panicking. Or having an exsistential crisis. Or trying to hide all negative emotions from my psychologist grandma. Nope. Totally not. This post isn't useless. I am not worried about every sort of relationship I have or anything. Or hyperventilating. Nu uh, not me, not ever.


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  • Ashleyisdone

    Oh gods, I am so happy to be back. I know I've talked to most of the people who use this practically dead wiki but I need something to do so I write this.

    I have changed in seven months, and I am slightly worried that you guys won't like it. I completely benched to Chu and I feel like crap and ahhhh, I think I should stay and try to get over it and bottle it like I normally do, but there's something telling me to leave AND KILL THAT PART OF ME IT'S STUPID.
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