Ahhhhhh, school.  It sucks, but right before breaks is when the fun stuff happens.  I'm off the 15-17th for fall break.

We have a 'reward day' for the people who have gotten less than three detentions.  Yeah, I think I qualify. *hasn't ever had a detention*  There are four sixth grade classrooms, and three will be put to use.  One, will be like board games and stuff, one is just....talking I geuss, maybe food, we haven't worked it out, and then the last one is for a movie.

We may be watching City of Bones as the movie.  *crosses fingers*

Then the fourth room is just to cram all the people with three detentions or more into it so they have to do work.

And then of course, there's my wonderful BoO, which I am reading slowly because I don't want it to ennnnnd.  *huggles the book*

I have about three presentatiots to do for classes, and I don't want to.  One is over an undecided topic, another is a species of animal, and the third we haven't been told anything about.

CRAP I HAVE A TEST TODAY.  *facepalm* This will be fun CONSIDERING THE WHOLE TIME THEY STUDIED FOR IT I WAS ABSENT.  Meh, it's over plot, (introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, blah blah blah)

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