Okay, so I know this wasn't supposed to be a real blog, but I decided, Why not?

So, right now, I'm on my bed, the top bunk, watching Hercules with my little sister.

"I haven't seen this much love in a room since Narcissus discovered himself!" XD

So.... I'll be back tomorrow...


PS Has anyone noticed that Zeus calls Hades a Stiff in the beginning of the movie?


PART TWO: 5/16/14

So, I am supposed to be doing math right now, yet here I am, writing mental Twilight fanfictions (I'm like the only Twilight fan who also appreciates good books) and posting this. And listening to the cover of "Stupid Boy" by Cassadee Pope (I love her!). And wondering if this will be the day my iPad decides to let me post a pic and/or change my profile pic to one of my pics. (*wonders if this is still being italicized* Eh, I guess I'll find out in a minute...) I am also thanking my lucky stars that (as far as I know) Clair has yet to talk to Oz in the chat room—you see, there's this one convo I don't want her Copy and Pasting. She knows that—I also accidentally entered the Chatroom right when she Copy and Pasted it to Ashley, Justin, and Laura. (*glares at Clair*)


See y'all later! :D

Apparently my iPad is still not cooperating... *glares at Siri*

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