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Hello, I'm Priyanka aka Crazyllama23. Owing to the subject of this wiki-MB stories, I don't really have any contributions....yet, but I do have a few ideas for stories, but they will be set into motion after January 31st.

And she's the best Janus Mber/Wikian around. SHE'S FAMOUS. VERY.

Beware of....

  • My might just get insane too
  • My boredom...if I'm bored,I might start saying stuff which is totally irrelevant and random.There is a very high possibility that I can drive you crazy
  • My invisible gun.....hehehehehe....
  • My snail army.....okay,they're still being trained,but when they are done with their training they'll be unstoppable (USE WORMS)
    It's Time04:07

    It's Time

  • My cookies or any food item which belongs to me and contains chocolate.....Don't.Ever.Try.To.Steal.It.From.Me. *steals cookie*


From The Virtual World To The Real World[Abandoned]

Who We Are - Imagine Dragons (Lyrics)04:10

Who We Are - Imagine Dragons (Lyrics)

Imagine Dragons-Fallen(w Lyrics On Screen)03:00

Imagine Dragons-Fallen(w Lyrics On Screen)

Heroes of Olympus-Nothing left to say (Viria)04:31

Heroes of Olympus-Nothing left to say (Viria)

Look How Far We've Come - Imagine Dragons04:05

Look How Far We've Come - Imagine Dragons

Ellie Goulding - Burn03:59

Ellie Goulding - Burn

Tenth Avenue North - Strangers Here (The Struggle)-003:31

Tenth Avenue North - Strangers Here (The Struggle)-0

Taylor Swift - Mean04:04

Taylor Swift - Mean

Songs I love

Imagine Dragons - Demons (Official)03:57

Imagine Dragons - Demons (Official)

Random pictures that describe random bits of me

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