The Pierce Council is an organization on the 39 Clues Cahill Command Message Board that draws it's name from the main villian in the 39 Clues: Unstoppable series, J. Rutherford Pierce. It is a council that was orginially scoffed at by other people, but several Cahills quickly switched sides, even some Vespers, after the Pierce Leader Nyla announced that they had no intention of causing any trouble for anyone, but just wanted to have fun like any other branch council.

Now they are a prospering council, who have lots of fun daily, despite the Pierce Uprising that the official council was forced to put down after someone tried to become leader. When the council said Nyla was still in charge, he threw a fit and tried spark a fight. The leader found this quite hilarious, and urged the council (which grew angry at his constant abuse of Nyla) to forget him. Soon he was only a memory.

To date, the Pierce Council is quite fond of cookies. Should anyone come near with a cookie, or any sort of weapon, they are quick to steal it and store it in their secret bunker.

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